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Today, the majority of customers' long-awaited HV4000 series of video/audio compression cards officially listing to the market with quantities.

HV4000 series boards, is the representative products - using the latest video/audio AD technology and DVR software architecture from the meticulously build, with high quality and cost-effective results for a new generation of DVR video/audio compression capture card . This card is under the United States Techwell TW6802 high-quality video/audio processing hardware support, such as use of a variety of advanced H.264/WMV9 optional compression algorithm, a good definition video quality, high compression rate, a small amount of data, real-time multi-channel acquisition characteristics,compared with other ordinary video capture chip,Video quality can be improved nearly 40%.

Its notable features are:

•  Video and audio processing industries are currently the highest quality 10bit precision video preview and playback is quite well.

•  Video processing zone 4H comb filter noise and color correction and AGC functions, while ensuring good quality video bit stream smaller.

•  Video/audio processing support 8 or 16 bit precision output to ensure high-fidelity.

•  High-performance DMA engine and video/audio synchronization mechanism, single cards can be more than six full D1 real-time performance.

•  More advanced manufacturing technology, can be as low as 2.5V core voltage within a small thermal but a higher stability;

•  The Goldvision's industry-leading unified video/audio capture(UVAC) interface framework, the same API / SDK / DVR software supports multiple hardware TW6802/SAA7130/BT878/MV9100 mixed interpolation; User flexibility and scalability is higher;

•  With Goldvision's advanced single channel H.264/MPEG4 CIF-wide real-time compression algorithm, dual-core CPU up to 32-way above;

•  Leading broadcast professional video and audio processing algorithms, in YUV format directly to video streaming and synchronization, ensuring real-time performance effect and capture speed are unique;

•  All interface and DVR software are fully compatible with JW8000 style or other compression DSP board, effective and cost-effective and better;

•  Using the most advanced encryption technology and up nine security protection to prevent piracy and to ensure that consumers rights and product life cycle;

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